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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers. If your query isn't answered below or if you are still not clear about anything in relation to our travel insurance policies then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Please note that as standard our policies will not cover mobile telephones whilst cover for electronic and photographic items are subject to the limits outlined below. Some of our policies have an optional 'Gadget Extension' available which extends coverage up to a further £500, £1,000 or £2,000, including cover for mobile phones. You will see this as an option at the second stage of the purchase process. Please refer to our policy wording documents for further details of this cover.

Destinations & Eligibility

As long as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) does not advise against travel to the country you are going to, you will be covered to travel to any of the countries within the region of travel you have selected at time of purchase.

The regions are as follows:

Europe, including all countries west of the Ural Mountains, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey, the Azores, Canary Islands, Madeira and Mediterranean islands.
Australia and New Zealand, including Cocos (Keeling) Islands, The Territory of Christmas Island, Lord How Island, Tokelau. Norfolk Island, Cook Islands and Niue.
Worldwide, excluding USA, Canada and the Caribbean
Worldwide, including USA, Canada and the Caribbean

You can view a PDF list of countries and their associated region by clicking here.

If you are unsure as to which region your destination is within or your country of travel isn't listed above then please contact us.

We are usually able to change the area of cover for the policy whilst you are travelling, as long as you let us know of the new travel region before travelling to that region. If you need to change your region of travel then contact us as soon as possible and we will be able to provide a quote for this change.

To obtain up to date information about the country you are travelling to, we recommend that you visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

We are able to insure travellers up to 85 years of age though we do have further restrictions regarding the duration of the trip we can cover once a traveller reaches 75 years of age.

When obtaining a quote and purchasing cover please enter your current age.

Yes, we can only cover those who have been living in the UK (and had their main home here) for at least 6 months within the last 12 months. We define the UK residents as those residing in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Also, you must actually be within the UK at the start of your cover. If you have already left the UK then please visit World Nomads for appropriate cover.

We define a couple as a policyholder and spouse or partner, who have been living together as a couple at the same address for at least 6 months. If you do not meet this requirement please purchase two individual policies.

Whilst we don’t require that you have a return ticket booked we do require that you are able to prove your intention to return to the UK within the term of the policy. For example, if you know you are going away for two years a twelve month policy wouldn’t be valid.

Please see here for examples of what our underwriters accept as proof of intent to return to the UK. If you have any queries regarding this please contact us.

If you are travelling on a one way basis and are currently not intending to return to the UK, or are unsure when you'll be returning, please consider our one way travel insurance.

If you are travelling to Australia you should register with Medicare upon your arrival. There is a Medicare office in most major towns. Medicare is a free reciprocal health care agreement that exists for travellers from the UK. Registration is free and this will entitle you to reduced medical charges from doctors, reduced prescription charges and access to Medicare hospitals. The cover under your policy tops up the cover on the Medicare agreement.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Any medical condition, serious or recurring, which has previously been diagnosed, investigated or treated in anyway, at any time prior to travel, even if this condition is currently considered to be stable and under control by the use of drugs.

These include:

• any heart or circulatory condition
• a stroke or high blood pressure
• a breathing condition (including asthma)
• any type of cancer
• any type of diabetes
• any psychological conditions, including stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders or mental instability(no cover can be given for this)
• any condition where the client has been given a terminal prognosis (no cover can be given for this)

Any condition where the client:

• had treatment in the last two years for any serious or re-occurring medical condition
• has been asked to take prescribed medication in the last two years
• has been referred to a specialist or consultant for hospital tests, diagnosis or treatment in the last two years
• is waiting for tests or treatment of any description
• has had their regular prescribed medication changed by their doctor or specialist consultant

Please click here to read further details about pre-existing conditions and the instances in which our medical screening facility should be contacted.

There are many different pre-existing medical conditions that we can cover. However, in order for us to give you a definite answer regarding your particular condition you would need to complete our medical screening process. Please call our medical screening helpline, ‘Travellers HealthCheck’ on 0203 829 6656. They will be able to inform you if your condition can be covered and if any additional premium is required to provide the cover. You will have the option of paying for this cover over the telephone at which point you will be given a reference number. You can then enter this reference number on our website when purchasing cover.

Please note that you will not be able to purchase your travel insurance cover from Travellers HealthCheck, just the top up cover for pre-existing conditions.

Upon purchasing additional cover for pre-existing conditions Travellers HealthCheck will email you confirmation of the cover and any terms relating to it.

Some pre-existing medical conditions can be covered at no extra cost, however some more serious conditions may require an additional premium to be paid. Once you’ve completed the medical screening process (on 0203 829 6656), you’ll be told whether your condition can be covered and whether you need to pay an extra premium.

You must notify us straight away if you’re diagnosed with a new medical condition by contacting our medical screening helpline, Travellers HealthCheck, on 0203 829 6656. An advisor will ask you some questions about your condition, and will then inform you whether you are able to obtain cover. You should also notify us of any changes to medical conditions that were declared at the time of taking out the policy.

Our policies include emergency medical expenses cover for pregnancy and childbirth from week 0 to week 28 whilst you are away. From the start of week 29 to week 40 of the pregnancy, there is no cover for claims relating to normal pregnancy and normal childbirth or cancellation, however, medical expenses and cancellation cover will be provided if any of the following complications arise:

Toxaemia, Gestational hypertension, Ectopic pregnancy, Post-partum haemorrhage, Pre-eclampsia, Molar pregnancy or hydatidiform mole, Retained placenta membrane, Placental abruption, Hyperemesis gravidarum, Placenta praevia, Stillbirth, Miscarriage, Emergency Caesarean, A termination needed for medical reasons, Premature birth more than 12 weeks (or 16 weeks if you know you are having more than one baby) before the expected delivery date.

Please note we will not cover denial of boarding by your carrier so you should check that you will be able to travel with the carrier/airline in advance as regulations vary from one carrier/airline to another.

Buying A Policy

When purchasing a policy online you will be able to pay by Visa, Mastercard, Switch/Maestro or Solo. Please let us know if you have any problems making payment online. Our payments are processed by Sagepay and we make no additional charge for using credit and debit cards.

Yes, we use Sagepay to process your payment using a secure server and we never have access to or store your card details. Please get in touch if you have any concerns about entering your payment details online.

IPT stands for Insurance Premium Tax. It is a tax charged on all general insurance policies sold within the UK, including travel insurance, and it therefore forms part of the total payment price. The current level of IPT is 20%. If you are a permanent resident of the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man then you do not need to pay IPT. If this is the case please give us a call on 01424 223964 and we will be able to set the policy up for you excluding the IPT.

Your policy is delivered via email so it is important to ensure the email address you supply is correct. You will receive two emails, one a payment processing email from Sagepay and the other with your policy documents attached. The documents are in Adobe PDF format for which a free viewer can be downloaded from here. Documents are usually emailed within an hour of purchase. If you have not received your documents within 24 hours or have any problems opening the attachments please don’t hesitate to contact us.

All our policies provide a 14 day cooling-off period. This gives you time to read through the policy to ensure that the cover you have purchased meets your requirements. Provided that you haven’t already travelled and you have not or do not intend to submit a claim, please confirm in writing or email that you wish to cancel your policy and we will issue a full refund, usually within 5 working days.

You can cancel your policy at any time outside of the 14 day cooling-off period, however you will not be entitled to a refund of premium.

In the first instance, please contact us stating your policy number and the required alteration. In many cases we will simply update and re-send your amended certificate by email if there is no change to cover levels or duration. If you need to extend your cover there may be an additional premium to pay, in which case we will provide a quote and a secure link to make payment. For security reasons, we do not retain your credit card details so would need a new payment to be submitted.

If you have already left the UK then unfortunately we will not be able to insure you. We require travellers to be in the UK at the start of their trip and having been resident and within the UK for at least 6 months out of the last twelve months. If you require travel insurance having already left the UK please contact World Nomads.

As long as you haven’t started your trip and are still within the UK we can still offer travel insurance if you are travelling today. If you purchase online your policy documents are emailed shortly afterwards.

Whilst a return flight booking isn’t a requirement, in the event of a claim you may be asked to provide evidence that you intend to return to the UK within the term of the policy.

Update 20th October 2017 - please see here for examples of what our underwriters accept as proof of intent to return to the UK. If you are emigrating, not intending to return to the UK or are unsure when you'll be returning then then please choose our specialist one way emigration cover.

None of our policies will cover you for these types of work:

• Working Underground
• Working at heights above two storeys
• Lifting weight in excess of 25kgs

If you are doing basic forms of work (bar, waitress, retail or office work) , then we can cover you under our standard policies. If you are doing a different type of work to those listed above, you will need to take out our specialist Working Holiday policy.

Please note that no cover would be in place under the personal liability sections of our policies whilst working and you would also not be eligible for the lump sum payments under the personal accident section if an incident occurred whilst working.

Medical Emergencies Whilst Away

Please contact our 24 hour Emergency advice line on +44 (0) 1732 853 333. You will need to have your policy details and policy number to hand to verify your cover. Their role is to guide and advise you, and to liaise with the medical staff where appropriate. If you have to make any payments relating to sickness overseas, remember to hold onto all the receipts as you’ll need these when making a claim.

If you are asked to pay a small cost for medicines and/or outpatient treatment at a state facility, it is often easier to settle your bill direct, keep all receipts and claim for the costs incurred on your return home. If your treatment is more extensive or you are admitted as an in-patient or require private treatment, the Emergency Assistance Facilities line must be contacted as soon as possible on +44 (0) 1732 853 333. If you do not do this, then payment of any medical bills cannot be guaranteed.

If in any doubt, please contact the Emergency Assistance Facilities who can discuss your options and can also arrange for any medical expenses covered by the policy, to be paid direct to the hospital/clinic where appropriate.

The policy would automatically extend to cover you whilst receiving treatment in hospital.

If you have an existing emergency medical expenses claim with us, please forward the original invoice to our claims handler quoting your claim reference number and we will arrange payment of the invoice.

If you have not submitted a claim to us, please obtain an Emergency medical expenses claim form and return the completed form to us along with the outstanding invoice and other supporting documentation requested.

General Claims Information

Details about making a claim can be found in your policy wording documents emailed at time of purchase. Further information can also be found on the making a claim section of our website.

An excess is the amount you have to contribute towards the cost of any claim under the policy. The excess will be applied per person, per incident, per section claimed under. For example, if you make an approved claim of £300 and the policy excess is £75, you will receive £225 in final settlement.

As soon as you are aware you have to cancel your travel plans, you must inform your tour operator/booking agent immediately. Charges are sometimes made for cancellations and these will depend on how close the cancellation is to your travel date. You will be issued with a cancellation invoice which you should return with you completed claim form.

You are covered under your policy for cancellation caused by the death, injury or illness of a close relative or close business associate, providing that their condition was not known about at the time of purchasing the Policy or the booking date of the trip. There is no cover as a result of a pre-existing medical condition of a close relative or close business associate.

Close Relative is defined as: A spouse or partner of over six months, parents, grandparents, legal guardians, parents-in-law, step-parents, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, child, grandchild or fiancé(e). The medical certificate within the claim form must be completed in all cases by the GP of the person who has caused the claim.

If you are made redundant after booking your holiday and before the start of your trip, you will be covered for cancellation costs. Unless:

1. you have not been continuously employed for 2 years
2. the redundancy was voluntary
3. you are self employed
4. you were employed on a short term contract

As long as the illness is NOT as a result of a pre-existing medical condition, there will be cover under the curtailment section of the policy for you to return home if it is thought necessary. Before you begin to make arrangements you should contact the Emergency Medical Assistance facilities on +44 (0) 1732 853 333.

If the illness is due to an unexpected medical condition, cover will be provided for you to cut short your trip, but only if it is deemed necessary.

Curtailment of your trip is covered if you have to return home because of unforeseen circumstances (cover is limited to certain circumstances and you should check the policy wording).

You should check with our assistance facilities who will log the incident and may be able to help you with your arrangements before returning home. They are available to offer 24 hours assistance. Telephone number +44 (0) 1732 853 333.

If you are driving:
No, claims can only be made for missed departure if the car you are travelling in, is involved in an accident or becomes un-driveable due to mechanical failure.

If you are using public transport:
When you are travelling to your departure point by scheduled public transport you will be covered if that is delayed, provided you have allowed adequate time for any changes in your journey. You will need to provide written evidence from the transport operator confirming that you were delayed and the reason why.

If your baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours on your outward journey, on some of our policies cover is provided for the purchase of essential items, up to the limit shown in your policy wording. Essential items include toothbrush, toothpaste, underwear, towels etc.

You must keep all receipts for these items and submit your claim when you return home. You will also need written confirmation from the airline of when the delayed luggage was delivered to you or is not considered permanently lost.

Should you be unfortunate and the airline consider your baggage to be permanently lost, you will need written confirmation from the airline of and should obtain a Property Irregularity Report (PIR).

You must keep all receipts for these items and submit your claim within three months.

Travel Insurance policies are designed to cover the average amount a person may carry on them at any one time in relation to Personal Possessions i.e. clothing, a watch, sunglasses, a camera, holiday jewellery etc. It is not intended to cover large amounts of valuables and the sums insured and the limits set on a single article reflect this. Therefore, if you have a valuable that you wish to take that exceeds the limits under the policy, please consult your Household Insurers as you may already have cover outside the home for these items.

We recommend that when you are in your resort that you use the safety deposit box or the safe in your room for any valuables, cameras, passports, money etc. as your policy will not provide cover for the loss or theft of valuables left unattended unless in a locked safe or out of sight in your locked individual trip accommodation.

A full list of what is classed as valuables can be found under the Definitions in the Policy Wording

Our travel insurance is underwritten by URV, Branch Office of Union Reiseversicherung AG and administered in the United Kingdom and Ireland by Travel Insurance Facilities plc who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Union Reiseversicherung AG is also regulated in Germany by BaFin.

Go Walkabout are authorised and regulated by the FCA and have firm reference number 580218.

This can be checked on the FCA’s register by visiting

The 'End Supplier Failure' section of the policy is provided by International Passenger Protection Limited and underwritten by Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE if you are based inside the EEA or Liberty Managing Agency Limited if you are based in Switzerland. See policy wording for more information.

The 'Gadget Extension' is administered by Bastion Insurance Services Limited and Underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance SA UK Branch (IPA) which is fully owned by AXA Partners Group. See policy wording documents for more information.

Sports and Hazardous Activities

Many activities are covered as standard as part of activity pack 1 which is included free of charge. These activities include bungee jumping and scuba diving to 30m (with restrictions). Some activities can be covered automatically on payment of an additional premium, such as skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating. An additional activity pack can be selected at time of purchase. Further details of the activity packs and the activities that can be found in each one can be seen here.

If you are unsure if your activity is covered please contact us with the details of the activity and we will be able to advise if cover can be offered and if any additional premium would be due. Please note that all activities are covered on a non-professional basis unless otherwise stated.

Our policies cover scuba diving up to a depth of 30 metres as standard but the insured must hold a PADI certificate of proficiency or must be diving with a PADI qualified instructor to dive to this depth. If you require a more comprehensive level of Scuba Diving cover, you may be able to purchase a cover upgrade. Please contact us if you have any queries regarding the cover on your policy.

Making A Complaint

It is our aim to give a high standard of service and to meet any claims covered by these policies honestly, fairly and promptly. There are, however, times when misunderstandings occur by both sides. If you do not feel that the matter has been dealt with to your satisfaction or you have some new evidence which we have not seen, you may appeal against the decision and submit a complaint, explaining why you do not think our decision is correct.

If your complaint is regarding the selling of your policies:

Please write to:

The Customer Services Manager, Go Walkabout Travel Insurance, Unit 25, Innovation Centre, Highfield Drive, Churchfields, St Leonards-on-sea, East Sussex, TN38 9UH

Or if you would like to complain about the outcome of your claim or assistance provided please forward details of your complaint in the first instance as follows (see further down the page for complaints relating to the gadget extension):

By Post:
Quality and Improvements Manager
1 Tower View
Kings Hill
West Malling
ME19 4UY

By Phone:
0203 829 6604

If your complaint is in respect of the Gadget Extension

First contact Direct Group Ltd, Direct Group, PO Box 1291, Preston, PR2 0QJ, Tel: 0203 794 9300. Email: In all correspondence please state that your insurance is provided by UK General Insurance Limited and quote scheme reference 06172. If your complaint cannot be resolved by the end of the third working day, they will pass it to The Customer Relations Manager, UK General Insurance Limited, Cast House, Old Mill Business Park, Gibraltar Island Road, Leeds, LS10 1RJ. Tel: 0345 218 2685. Email:

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome you may:

? Ask the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) to review your case. Their address is Exchange Tower, Harbour Exchange Square, London, E14 9SR. Their telephone advice line is 0800 023 4567 if calling from a landline or 0300 123 9123 if calling from a mobile, or visit

? You are also able to use the EC On-line Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform at who will notify FOS on your behalf

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